5 Day Real Food Detox by Nikki Sharp

My roommate Kc and I decided to go on the 5 Day Real Food Detox by Nikki Sharp. We both lost 3 pounds! The food was kind of tasteless at first but after a couple of days you start to appreciate the natural tastes in food and spices that are really good for you. She made it really simple for us: follow the grocery list, follow her recipes, eat the foods, no skipping meals, and drink 2-3 Liters of water a day! No salt, sugar, caffeine, bananas, bad carbs, and 5 days later and we both feel better about ourselves...but we also can't wait to eat our normal foods again (this time in moderation!). 

Nikki Sharp's 5 Day Real Food Detox was definitely an experience worth trying! It was a great way to get your body to eat healthy, drink more water, and feel great at the end!