How to Make Your Day a Little Better


Ever have those days you that you don't look forward to? Whether it's Mondays, work, and everything in between, here's some things I do to make my day a little better. 

  1. Set up a ritual for that particular day. I hate Mondays so what helps me get out in the morning is what I call Nice Outfit Mondays. Also Makeup Monday! I put on my newest or favorite outfit, put on some makeup (I don't wear makeup every day) so I feel good about myself. It makes me want to get out of bed so I can catwalk with confidence. Other examples include order take out on that day, Taco Tuesday, etc
  2. Do something nice for someone. Like open the door for someone. Smile at someone. Help others. Let others help you. Don't forget to say "thank you" or "you're welcome" if needed. 
  3. Treat yourself when you get through the day or achieve something. It'll motivate you.  
  4. Play your favorite music or leave that song you like stuck in your head. I usually do this when I feel stressed out or sad, so I think about my favorite songs that get me happy or motivated and confident (currently it's "Valerie" by Amy Winehouse [Mark Ronson version] and "Side to Side" by Ariana Grande)
  5. Make a list of why today has to happen (a test, essay, presentation at work, meeting with the boss, etc) and list what could happen if you don't get through today
  6. If you're gonna fail at something, at least look good doing it (optional). AKA Hold your head high and be confident in whatever you do.