Warby Parker

Photography by Vanessa Lomibao

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Warby Parker is one of the few eyewear companies that are carbon-neutral. As a B Corporation (a certification verified by B Lab who measures social and environmental performance and transparency) they create, manufacture, and donate to eyewear to those in need through partners such as VisionSpring. With every pair of eyewear purchased from Warby Parker, the company gives another pair of eyewear those in need. Through partners like VisionSpring, Warby Parker eyewear are sold through people who are trained to give eye exams and sell eyewear at affordable prices to their communities. This process of "Buy a Pair, Give a Pair" is an ethical and sustainable mission that I rarely see in other eyewear companies. 

Glasses and sunglasses are an essential accessory that amps up any outfit while also serving a functional purpose.  Warby Parker always stay on trend while also collaborating with designers to create innovative designs for the fashion-forward customer.

Wanna try a pair of Warby Parker frames? How about five? Warby Parker has a Home Try On Program where you can try 5 pairs of frames for 5 days free! Here's how it works: 

1. Choose 5 frames

Head to Warby Parker's website (click here  ) and choose 5 frames of glasses or sunglasses that appeal to you! Once this is done, now you just have to wait! 

2. Wait for your frames to arrive! 

3. Download the Warby Parker app! 

Warby Parker has an awesome app that you can download! It has a full catalog of all the frames available for you to purchase. You can favorite all the frames that you like, save your eyewear prescription on the app, get updates from Warby Parker, and more!  

4. Try on Your frames & take a selfie!

The Warby Parker app makes it easy for you to keep track of which frames you have sent to you, and with their awesome app you can take selfies of you wearing your choices! You can share these selfies to your friends and family to get their opinion on which frames look best on you! 

5.  Send them back !  

Make sure to send those frames back once your 5 days are up! 

6. Buy anytime

Purchase from the Warby Parker app, online, or in store to get the frames you liked! You can also purchase from any of the Warby Parker links I provide in this post. 

7. Enjoy

Once your fresh pair of Warby Parker glasses arrive, enjoy them! 

Wearing Fisher, Louise, Laurel 17, Tilley, and Bennett. All eyewear from Warby Parker. 

Did you end up getting a pair of Warby Parker eyewear? Send me your picks! I'd love to see how they look on you!