A Note and Tips on Eco-Friendly, Conscious, Ethical, Sustainable Fashion

Disclaimer: Below contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by my partnerships with that brand. Blushing Matters by Tatiana Quiapo receives a small commission from purchases made through affiliate links. Thank you for your support! 

I'll let you know now: it is almost impossible to find fashion that is sustainable, eco-friendly, fair labor friendly, organic, cruelty-free, charitable, ethical, conscious, AND vegan. 

Instead of trying to find something that will try to satisfy everyone, I will try to find fashion that has one or some of the traits mentioned above. 

It's also important to note that I'm going to continue blogging/wearing what I do have in my closet, whether or not it's ethical, charitable, eco-friendly, etc etc. especially if they're of sentimental value, donated, or were gifted to me. I will note if they're sustainable, ethical, etc fashion. 

You do not need to give up everything in your closet cold turkey just because you want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Here's what you CAN do if you want to start, continue, or habitually live a sustainable lifestyle (for fashion)

  • Browse, shop, and/or donate to thrift stores, secondhand stores, Good Will, Salvation Army, etc 
    • pretty self explanatory on why this is ethical but if you don't know: some of these stores give back to the community like providing jobs, donating, and doing other charitable initiatives. 
    • you're also recycling and repurposing items that could've gone in the landfills
    • really cheap or reasonably priced
  • Donate unwanted fashion items to family/friends, stores like Buffalo Exchange or stores that have recycling fashion program like H&M 
    • some thrift stores will buy your unwanted items
    • H&M gives you a 15% off coupon for donating your unwanted clothing
    • hand-me-downs are like direct donations within the family/friend circle - or also makes a great gift! (I love giving my clothes/toys/books away to my family in the Philippines that are not so fortunate. They need it the most, and it's a great way to show I care and love them!)
  • Buy from stores/brands that have sustainable practices, eco-friendly traits, charitable initiatives, cruelty-free, vegan, recycling, renewable, or whatever aspects and values YOU BELIEVE IN.
    • Supporting these companies and brands help them and the organizations/charities affiliated with them
    • Your support lets companies/brands know that they're doing something right and worth continuing to do
    • Again, it is almost impossible to find a company/brand that can do all traits mentioned above, (hey, here's an idea, try starting one!) but if it aligns with with one or some of the practices you believe is worth having in a product or best for you and/or the environment, then support it
  • Check out what are some alternative materials for some textures/fabrics you like. Example: instead of leather try opting for faux leather or suede
    • Many brands may not have sustainable practices but buying options that are more eco-friendly or accidentally vegan is also great too! Places like Target have a lot of accidentally vegan options. Just look at the materials list!
  • Have a spending problem? Try making a deal with yourself: Only buy something new if you donate/sell something you don't need/want. 
    • Your wallet will thank me.
    • Perfect habit for spring cleaning! 

What I'm saying is, you don't need to replace everything in your closet to start living a sustainable lifestyle (for fashion). Just keep the above tips in mind when you're about to go shopping for something new. When you need/want something, try the above tips in action. You can gradually build on using more of these tips as you or closet change.

What are brands that I like? 

  1. Matt & Nat
  2. Angela Roi
  3. Urban Renewal (exclusively at Urban Outfitters)
  4. H&M Conscious and Sustainable Fashion (SUPER AFFORDABLE)
  5. Lulu's (for affordable vegan shoes)
  6. Birkenstock (for vegan footwear)
  7. Lululemon (sustainable practices and materials, and their LEGGINGS ARE AMAZING.)

There's plenty of brands out there! I have yet to explore them, but comment below if you have other suggestions of brands that have great ethical practices! I'd love to hear your thoughts!