Why "blushing matters"?

I tend to blush and get shy when answering questions, even when I'm confident and passionate about the matter, so I thought of how that would be my reaction when someone asks me why I started a blog.


I got to a therapy group and I love this part of a quote about processing emotions and our mental health that makes us unique: “…you may be tulip in a rose garden.”

Why did you go cruelty-free?

I wanted to challenge myself and buy from cosmetic companies that do not test on animals, do not test on animals when required by law, and/or do not test from third parties. If you're active on Facebook then you must have seen videos of what animals look like when companies test on them, and I've seen photos of what animals look like once they're tested on. It's disgusting, it's cruel, and not acceptable. It breaks my heart seeing animals being exploited in such a way only to benefit humans. There's many alternatives to animal testing and I believe the U.S. should begin using those methods. It's important to show support for companies that are doing good in addition to being socially responsible, ethical, sustainable, charitable, and cruelty-free.

Well, obviously you have some things that aren't cruelty-free?

Yes. My boundary in terms of having things that aren't cruelty-free is medicine. I have a lot of prescriptions and cannot steer from those medications. 

I think one of the unique traits about my blog is that my content is coming from someone who is also transitioning to cruelty-free, (aka me) and it's me going on this journey with you. 

Who takes your photos?

Patrick Pugeda, Vanessa Lomibao, Kc Johan, Sabrina Quiapo, and my cousin Celestine Largoza. 


How do you know what products are cruelty-free?

Here is my guide to starting living a cruelty-free lifestyle. In short, I use Logical Harmony's Cruelty-Free Brand List

so...what are you?

I'm Filipino. Born in America, raised by a very Filipina mother and an American-born Filipino father.  

Why did you start a blog?

On Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 4 AM I was pulling an all-nighter writing an essay on Samuel Beckett’s work with existentialism and theatre. I hated writing the essay so I thought, "I'm gonna start a blog". I spent two days creating the website, made blog posts on cruelty-free products I owned, and looked up companies I wanted to work with.  

I have a strong passion to eliminate animal testing as well as living a conscious lifestyle that benefits people and the environment. I hope that with this blog it can show others than living such a lifestyle can be doable and worthwhile!