Furless Cosmetics

Disclaimer: The following is an affiliate post by Furless Cosmetics. These products were purchased with my own money. Purchasing products through affiliate links result in a small commission to Blushing Matters by Tatiana Quiapo at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support! 

  • Must Have Pro Lash/Brow Groomer (PRO1E)

    • Tame your brows and lashes with this professional lash/brow groomer. Made from quality high metal, this wand will effortlessly separate your lashes for a neat and sophisticated look. Whether you’re a brow fanatic or a sweet eyelash flutterer, this groomer will ensure all your unique facial expressions come to life! 
    • (+): Very high quality brush. Comes with a cap for the lash comb. Very durable and sturdy brow brush bristles. Both sides effectively separates my lashes and groom my brows. Very useful and necessary for every brush kit. YES, FURLESS COSMETICS ARE CRUELTY-FREE

    • (-): Lash comb is sharp, but at least it comes with a cap. Brow brush bristles are a little rough, but it effectively gets the job done. 

    • Verdict: DEFINITELY BUY. So essential and it answered by prayers for a brush I desperately needed for my collection! Can't wait to buy more from Furless Cosmetics! 

  • Must Have Pro Precision Eyeliner Brush (PRO6E) :

    • This eyeliner brush gives you a crisp professional line every time. Simply glide the brush along the upper or lower lash line to enhance your eyes in seconds. The angled wand allows you to make perfect wings, creating that glam starlet look! 
    • (+): Essential brush for a precise eyeliner application. The bristles are fine and durable. Well made and finely crafted. High quality wand and bristles. The angle of the brush is so helpful to ensure it precisely applies eyeliner in the direction you want, which helps ease the application process instead of wearing out your arm. 

    • (-): None! 

    • Verdict: DEFINITELY BUY. Safe yourself the hassle of using a q-tip to precisely wing that eyeliner. The angle of this brush is so perfect for any eye shape and the application is so easy!