Besame Cosmetics

Photography by Patrick Pugeda

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If you really love vintage makeup, this is for you! Besame Cosmetics by Gabriela Hernandez specializes in vintage cosmetics, from face to eyes to fragrance, Besame Cosmetics is a truly luxurious cruelty-free brand! 

1933 Merlot Lipstick

This is a true replica of a color from 1933. This beautiful brown brick-red shade is an ideal color for every day wear for any skin tone. Gabriela found this color and knew instantly that it was a 1930s color. Its darker tone reminded her of the Hollywood drama of the 1930s and because of it’s neutral tone we were pleased to match it exactly and add it to our collection. All our lipsticks are true replicas of lipstick shades from the past. Gabriela searches through actual vintage makeup to pick out particular colors that speak to her and truly represent the years they were produced. Using only the safest and best ingredients we make long lasting lipsticks to give you classic glamour at any era. Encased in a red and gold lipstick bullet inspired by the tubes of the 1940s, these treasures will look lovely when applied, having everyone turn heads. With our classic lipstick shape designed for form and function, used for many lipsticks in the 1930s and 1940s, you can apply with ease. Use the sharp tips to line lips and the blunt side to fill in color. Blot once or twice with tissue for long lasting wear. Get ready to be admired…... (
  • (+) : This is a moisturizing formula and the color is perfection! Loving the beautiful packaging and the vintage vibes! Perfect for those who are performing or dressing up in 1930's clothing! The color is true to the photo posted on their website! Great for every skin tone! Also, it's cruelty-free! 

  • (-) : None!

  • Verdict: Must. Buy. This is a perfect addition to your makeup collection! 

Brightening Violet Powder 

A translucent violet powder that color corrects yellow and red tones and brightens any skin tone. The finely milled formula sets makeup beautifully, leaving a soft, matte finish and a subtle violet fragrance. Wear it alone, over foundation, or around eyes to instantly lighten dark circles. (
  • (+): Perfect size for blotting, touch ups, and on the go! I love the packaging! The quality of the product is definitely high, and I can see that the convenience of it is definitely handy. The powder does not really look like a violet at first, but I can notice a difference once I apply the product to my face! It's great for those who have oily skin! I love that my fine lines are muted, my oily spots are gone, and it's cruelty free! 
  • (-) : None!
  • Verdict: Must. Buy. This is an essential! 

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