Petit Vour Haul

Petit Vour is a site where you can purchase luxury apparel, beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products that are natural, organic, cruelty free, and some, vegan. They carry brands that are ethical and eco-friendly. I love their rewards point program where you accumulate points based on your purchases and once you accumulate enough points you can get as much as $15- $25 off your next purchase! I love how they put a lot of care into delivering your package as soon as possible! 

  • Ellovi Lip Butter

    • Butter soaks in deep and moisturizes your skin better from the inside out. Even after brushing your teeth or having a cup of coffee, Butter will keep your lips intensely hydrated and nourished for days. (Petit Vour)
    • (+): Noticeable difference in the moisture of my lips. For $5, this is pretty reasonable, especially since it's one of the few brands that does lip balms and is cruelty free. Blossom Lip Butter smells amazing. Tinted Lip Butter gave a noticeable moisture and color to the lips. Vanilla one smelled just as amazing.
    • (-) : Lips chap after a while. Even when it is moisturized, my lips still look dry. Texture of the lip butter is dry and rough but if you leave it in the sun or warm up it will be a smooth buttery consistency. 
    • Verdict : Nice try, won't purchase again. I think this product is worth the $5 but I'm not fond of the rough texture of the butter. The way my lips looked even after applying multiple layers was not flattering. You can purchase cheaper lip balms that work at Whole Foods. 
  • Kani Botanicals Petal Polish

    • This innovative formula is enriched with revitalizing brown sugar and antioxidant-rich rose, which work together to gently dissolve dead skin cells and reveal perfectly nourished skin. It also includes hydrating organic vegetable glycerin and organic oils that leave the skin soft and supple. An invigorating aroma from a natural blend of rose oils further enhances the experience of using our Petal Polish. The formula is recommended for all skin types and will not sting or cause redness. This mask is great for acne sufferers with oily skin due to its ability to exfoliate skin, without any harsh ingredients, and replenish it with moisture that is similar to your own body’s, eliminating the need for your face to create more moisture and bacteria. This mask is also recommended for it’s amazing anti-aging properties due the infusion of Frankincense and the highly anti-oxidative Carrot Seed Oil. 
      This mask works as an exfoliator as well, leave it on for a couple of minutes, then massage gently the sugar granules to reveal fresh and hydrated new skin. (Petit Vour)
    • (+) : Invigorating, nourishing, and luxurious. Smells like a brown sugar pastry, exfoliates well, and leaves my skin feeling extremely smooth. 

    • (-): Sugar is a bit rough, so not amazing for sensitive skin types. I'm oily so it didn't cause me any harm. 

    • Verdict: DEFINITELY BUY. There's a reason this is Kani Botanical's bestsellers. If you're trying to get a cruelty-free and vegan alternative to the St. Ives Apricot Exfoliating cleanser, THIS MAKES YOU SKIN FEEL THE SAME SMOOTH RESULTS. I literally cannot stop touching my face because it feels so damn smooth.  

  • Yarok Feed Your Hold Hair Spray

    • Finally, there’s a way with this all natural, non-aerosol, non-sticky, medium hold hair spray free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates and cruelty. (Petit Vour)
    • (+) : Does the job. Hair feels like there's nothing weighing it down. Love that this is cruelty free! 
    • (-) : Unpleasant scent. If you like the smell of liquid medicine (i.e. Robitussin) or don't mind that smell in your hair, feel free to purchase this product. 
    • Verdict: Nice try, won't buy again. The smell just irks me. If there's other products that don't work as well as this then I'll most likely come back to this.