100% Pure

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I'm a big fan of 100 Percent Pure because they're organic, cruelty-free, and some are vegan too. Here are the products I've used so far

  • 2nd Skin Concealer (in Peach Bisque) - This is a great alternative to the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. This doesn't crease or settle into wrinkles like Urban Decay's. It's sheer to medium coverage, and it's very pigmented and creamy enough to build up to full if needed. This does a great job of covering my dark circles and eye bags without making me look like I have a bunch of make up on. This really does says what it does - it just feels like it blends into your skin! 
  • Nail Polish (Base coat, color in Pinkerton, and top coat) - I knew that if I was on the hunt for cruelty free products one of the challenges was nail polish. I knew that I could trust 100 Percent Pure because their nail polishes are cruelty free but also it's 10 Free (meaning it doesn't have the top 10 toxic ingredients found in regular nail polishes.). The I've worn just the base coat and top coat by itself and they didn't budge for a week. The color Pinkerton is a very creamy sheer glittery pink color that looks very natural. I highly suggest getting the base coat and the top coat because of the thinness of the nail polish and they tend to chip easily. Sometimes I'm able to completely peel off the nail polish in one layer. Use a top coat, trust me.  
  • Organic Lip Balm (Mint) - This is one of the more affordable lip balms out there  ($6 US) and is worth the price. I got the mint scented one and it reminded me of the mint lip glosses at Bath and Body Works - it even made my lips smell amazing. It's buttery and glides smoothly. 
  • Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream - This is such an essential for me because as a college student I barely sleep anymore. This definitely helps my dark circles and eye bags from looking puffy and dark. I also wear this at night to help prevent dark circles and eye bags from getting worse, while also preventing signs of aging. I notice a difference in the appearance of the dark circles and eye bags, not instantaneously though. The cream reduces the darkness and depuffs my eye bags just enough that I don't look like I pulled an all nighter. I did notice a difference that over time it did reduce the appearance of the dark circles and eye bags in the long run, and became an essential in my morning and night routine! 
  • Bright Eyes Mask - still figuring out how I feel about this product. This is a good cruelty free and vegan alternative to the Sephora masks. It says to use twice a week. Like the eye cream, don't expect instantaneous results, but give it some time and should see a difference. I'll get back to you on this one! 

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