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Pacifica is a tried and true brand that you can find at drugstores, Target, Walmart, ULTA, etc. 

Pacifica Body Butter is a luxurious product that nourishes the skin and smells divine. It's the exact consistency as other non-cruelty free lotions (Jergens, Vaseline, St. Ives), which is light, smooth, and creamy. This body butter is thicker but very easy to apply. I decided to purchase the matching rollerball pen and it also is perfect for on the go. I like to apply it on my pulse points behind the knees, and behind my neck. The stay power is not that long, and it comes off as oily feeling at first but dries invisible. It really enhances the scent from the lotion and you smell extra tropical! 

The Shave Whip is not really a whip consistency, more like a light cream. I love using this when I shave because it smells good, and leaves my skin supple and smooth. 

Their line for facial cleansers was well thought out, implementing healthy ingredients and natural vitamins from plants, flowers, fruits, and veggies. Both their Pore Refine Mask and Kale Detox felt deeply nourishing and left my skin feeling clean. The texture is more like a gel, and both can be used as masks and for daily use. I used the Pore Refine for the morning and the Kale Detox at night.  The Pore Refine smells like gum and lemons and the Kale Detox smelled a little too much like salad (not surprised). I feel that these products do the job decently but I think I could find something better that suits my skincare concerns.

Finally, their coveted DreamBig Mascara. I've heard great things from other bloggers and YouTubers who raved about this product because of its wand. Twist the end of the wand and it shrinks in size for volume and retracts to normal for length. I love that it can serve two functions of a mascara without sacrificing the other. I didn't see any transfer to my lower lashline or ended the day with racoon eyes. The wand and the formula did not work with my lashes. I think this works best as it dries out a little more because if it's too new and moist it's ineffective. I also wish it was waterproof because I'm a contacts wearer and I need something that will be tear proof when the water works come out. I really wanted to like this product. It just wasn't for me.