Jeffree Star Cosmetics

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics was one of the first vegan and cruelty free makeup brands I've ever tried. I love his liquid lip sticks and became OBSESSED with them! I have so many extras of Leo, Unicorn Blood (one of his best sellers and easily sold out!), and Gemini (think of it as the equivalent to Kat von D's Lolita)! Leo is the perfect shade for that 90's nude brown, Unicorn Blood is perfect for that dark vampy look, and Gemini is the perfect shade of nudey pink for the sweet side!

His liquid lipsticks work best if you exfoliate before applying. Apply lip balm as well, as these lipsticks dry matte. The stay power of these lipsticks are INCREDIBLE!!! I have to use make up remover to wipe it off, DON'T use your fingers because they will smear and leave stains on your hands for a while. The Lip Ammunition has the same staying power as well, and has a more glossy finish. In all honesty, my only complaint is that it is very drying to the lips, including the lipsticks as well. I constantly have to exfoliate the next day because my lips are chapped. But the look is so worth the time!  

If you love crazy colors of the rainbow, look no further, because Jeffree's brand has every color in the rainbow, and many are scented like root beer, cotton candy, and more! He has so many nude colors, neon colors, metallics, reds, and wild card colors only for the fiercest in the crowd. His line also has eyeshadow palettes of extreme shades, lipsticks called Lip Ammunition, and his coveted Skin Frost.  

If you wanna glow, get Jeffree Star's Skin Frost. Prepare to glow AF because he's not kidding with the highlight. His skin frost comes in colors like lavender, white, bronzes, and more! I love King Tut because it's the perfect bronze shade for my medium skin tone as well as strobing like crazy. The lightest swipe will leave you glowing like crazy (my iPhone cannot bring that highlight swatch to justice, sorry for the poor quality!)! The stay power is incredible, the highlight is extremely pigmented, and you get this huge amount of product along with Barbie pink packaging. I love his packaging for every product, including delivery. It will come with an insert card of the next collection to be sold as well as Barbie everything: box, tissue paper, packaging of the product, you name it! 

I also love his limited edition shades that come out for a limited time. He has some that come out every season, and I'm not kidding when I say that not only his limited edition collections but his other products sell out so. damn. quickly. VERY. QUICKLY. They're worth the hype I can assure you. Follow him and his brand on social media to get the latest updates on his collections, release dates, and more! He also has a collaboration with MannyMUA in all black packaging coming out really soon! HOW. GREAT. OMG. 

I love this brand. To the quality, customer service, online, and to the packaging you can tell that a lot of thought was put into this brand personally by Jeffree Star. Plus, it's 100% vegan and cruelty free!