Beauty About Me

You've all heard of about me's before...but what about a Beauty About Me? Hopefully this helps you understand where I'm coming from and if any of our traits match up, the products that I use may work for you too!

Skin type: Oily

Shade: Medium (Light-medium in autumn/winter, medium-tan in summer)

Hair type: oily

Hair texture: fine, straight

Hair color: Black (brown if you look under the sunlight)

Body type: Petite, thin build

Height: 4'10.75"

Weight: 109.6 lbs

Shoe size: 7 (US)

Dress size: 0 (US)

Pant size: 25 (US)

Eye color: Black

Lashes: thin lashes, long length

Acne prone? : I did suffer from severe acne 2012-2013. I used Isotretinoin from August 2012- November 2013 and my acne has not shown up since. 

Period Regularity: Regular